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Welcome to Croftware, LLC

Croftware, LLC is an innovative firm specializing in customized marketing and consulting services with a special emphasis on support for small to medium size businesses active in security and biometrics.  We offer the full range of marketing services Fortune 100 companies enjoy using internal staff.  Instead of hiring a team of marketing specialists, hire Croftware on a project basis to provide you these services as-needed and within your budget.

  • Croftware Security and Biometric Consulting
    Croftware's principals have been active in biometrics since 1986.  Our clients were the first to develop, patent, and market iris recognition products and services. We were active in the development of international standards and testing protocols for the evaluation of biometric devices.  We developed a system for a national system of identity recognition and verification.

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  • Croftware Business Marketing Services
    Croftware's principals have organized and established a number of successful companies for themselves and for others.  Our proven program is now offered to others at very competitive rates. 

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