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About Croftware

The word 'croft' is an old Scottish term that refers to a tenant farm or workplace. "The first evidence that can be found of small tenants holding directly of the proprietor is in a rental of the estates of Sir D. MacDonald in Skye and North Uist in 1715.  Protected crofters are also members of a crofters' township, consisting of tenants of neighboring crofts with a shared right to use common pasture."

In the modern era, Croftware is a group of independent contractors loosely connected by common interests and producing goods and services on a project basis.

Croftware, LLC is a virtual company providing vital services such as marketing management and consulting, software engineering, identity management,  and other consulting services linking subject matter experts with others who have need of their services.

About our Principal, Dan Nickell

Dan Nickell was most recently the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for Anonymous Recognition Technologies, Inc., Washington DC, leading this innovative identity management company through its formation, product development, and marketing.  He has extensive domestic and international experience in industrial and federal-level intelligence and reconnaissance systems, corrections and law enforcement, telecommunications systems, and electronic security   D. Nickell    
disciplines. Dan has extensive writing and lecturing experience in corporate management issues, business development, and proposal management.  He is the author of a bestselling book on computer applications, technical works, and management articles. 

As an executive with the National Biometric Security Project (NBSP), he was responsible for all activities conducted in NBSP’s Test, Research, and Data Center (now the BSI, LLC).  These include biometric testing and evaluation, biometric management and technical training, data services, research and acquisition support.  He designed the human factors testing facility for the scenario testing of biometric devices and developed the software used to collect device performance automatically. 

Earlier, he led the new business development activities for the Asset Protection Systems Division, Radian Inc., (now DRS Technologies), and managed the Division’s Applied Biometric Laboratory and led in the development of new security solutions using an integration of biometric technologies with other access control systems.  Designed software solution for a biometric-based visitor management system in a New York state correctional facility. 

In addition to extensive business development experience, he responsible for the design and technical development of innovative solutions for systems-level security-related products and large-scale security requirements.  Designed the original functional prototype of the US Air Force “Smart Gate,” an integration of various advanced security components to automate both vehicle and driver identification for access control to Air Force bases; also designed and implemented a full spectrum of systems and services for advanced identity management and inmate access control functions for US correctional market.  Dan holds a US patent on an advanced air-handling system designed to safeguard critical office facilities, such as embassies and governmental offices, from a variety of airborne gas, chemical, and radiological attacks.  He designed and was granted a preliminary patent for a self-contained handheld biometric identifier performing identification-on-card and transmitting identification verification to RF card readers.   

As an independent consultant, Dan founded NET Inc., and guided client companies in identifying, developing, pursuing, winning, negotiating, and executing new projects with the U.S. federal and foreign governments.  In March 1990, he founded the national Operations Security Professionals Society (OPS).  He developed and implemented the information security policies and programs for the CENTEL telephone company; developed an expanded business development process and marketing procedures for Quanta Systems, Gaithersburg, MD; formalized the marketing processes for Shorrock Security Systems, Hanover, MD; and, among many other projects, performed an extensive market research survey for Eyedentify, patent holder of retina scanning technology.

Previously, Dan served a 20-year career as an Air Force Signals Intelligence officer.

Dan has an MBA from George Mason University and previously earned a BA from Michigan State University in communications  research, with a completed major in Russian from Syracuse University.  His academic work also includes graduate studies in statistics, and undergraduate work in speech, theater, secondary education, and speech pathology.